Adapto has partnered with Softcat to create an Active directory Bridging and group policy solution to integrate your Unix, Linux and Mac platforms into your Windows environment through BeyondTrust’s centralized configuration management you can reduce the risk and complexity of managing a varied IT environment and introduce single sign-on capabilities into a mixed device environment.

The benefits of this include:

  • Allow users to log into Unix, Linux and Mac devices using their Active Directory usernames and passwords to allow for a single password policy.
  • Centralize control of your IT environment, speeding up the process of adding and deleting users on the corporate network.
  • Enable a consistent configuration across your Unix, Linux, Mac and Microsoft devices by creating an Active Directory Infrastructure.
  • Effortlessly manage and view access privileges for users and groups through customizable reports.
  • Support for Remote Network file share access for Mac and Linux systems.
  • Centrally control access to non-Windows systems by defining which users are permitted to log onto which systems via Active Directory.

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