The latest release from the Reflect family of image based backup and disk imaging products has arrived.

Macrium Reflect version 6 includes a modernised and updated user interface, as well as a host of new features designed to help businesses protect their valuable data and systems.

This innovative offsite solution provides the ideal backup for any small or medium business looking to protect their data in the event of an onsite technology failure.

In the event of a breakdown in your office technology, Macrium Reflect version 6 can rapidly recover your data from single or multiple full backups and cuts restore times by 90% or more – so, however complex your computer system, Macrium Reflect can have you up and working in next to no time.

Macrium Reflect version 6 offers a range of pre-loaded scheduling templates, or you can create your own customised backup plan – giving you the flexibility to create the backup plan that fits the needs of your business. Macrium Reflect version 6 also offers you sophisticated backup chain protection through its GFS backup templates, which have been pre-configured to give you maximum protection. This means you need never worry that your valuable data will be lost in the event of a system failure.

Whether you are a small or medium business, Macrium Reflect version 6 is available in an edition which can suit the needs of your business.

Macrium Reflect version 6 should be a central part of any small or medium company’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan.