Online Data Backup

Our backup services offer unrivalled levels of security and efficiency. Our Cloud based backup and storage solutions ensure flexible, powerful and total protection against data loss. When disaster strikes, Adapto will get you up and running again, quickly and simply.

A central server is likely to be the critical hub of a business network; therefore it is essential that your choice of online server backup set up reflects this. Our Cloud backup service includes detailed data backup reporting to provide peace of mind for administrators managing unattended servers and also features system state backup and flexible scheduling.

Equally, the service is designed to meet the needs of data protection in small office/home office environments and especially suitable for businesses with remote, laptop based employees. It can allow companies with remote workers to ensure critical data protection by providing internal control over backups and scheduling.

Our Cloud backup services provide fully encrypted backup, storage and recovery, ensuring the highest levels of data protection for SOHOs, SMEs and enterprises. Our Cloud backup services are fully automated, totally secure and ensure you never have to worry about data loss again.