Simplify storage and server virtualization with SANsymphony-V and deliver highly available high performance storage to your organisation. SANsymphony-V solves the storage related challenges introduced by server and desktop virtualization, cloud computing, general expansion, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Work smarter, not harder

Able to operate across unlike and incompatible storage devices, a SANsymphony-V implementation immediately begins to deliver cost savings on hardware acquisition and renewals at the same time as reducing energy consumption. Its ability to condense data onto fewer disks/servers can also reduce accommodation overheads, as you will need less space to deliver better results.

Maximise data centre availability, performance and utilisation

SANsymphony-V cost-effectively speeds up applications, delivers uninterrupted data access and extends the life of your tiered storage investments while giving you peace of mind. It forms an active, transparent virtualization layer across disk storage devices to maximise the availability, performance and utilisation of data centres large and small. Server virtualization with DataCore enables you to:

  • Make business continuity and disaster recovery cost effective and practical for virtual servers, virtual desktops and general IT consolidation
  • Eliminate storage-related disruptions due to inevitable maintenance, reconfiguration, upgrades, expansion and failures
  • Speed up application performance by removing disk I/O bottlenecks
  • Maximise use of available disk capacity
  • Centralise and automate storage administration despite variations in equipment

Adapto, a SANsymphony silver partner

Adapto is a DataCore Silver partner and deploys their virtual storage solutions to organisations including the British Red Cross and Mole Valley District Council. We work with clients to deliver highly available and high performance storage as the basis of virtual server implementations.

“Adapto’s in depth knowledge of DataCore gives us reassurance that we are deploying the product to the best effect. DataCore solved our problem of under utilised discs. They have the clever software that does everything we needed at the right price.” – Bob Thomas, Head of ICT, Mole Valley District Council

DataCore Software Corporation is the leading provider of storage virtualization and management software.