Working for a Smarter Planet. When people communicate, they can work together more efficiently. The same is true for products. By infusing intelligence into everyday objects and connecting them to networks, we empower them to do things that products working in isolation cannot. They interact in new ways. They evolve with us. They use less energy. IBM, experts in software-driven innovation, are collaborating with leaders in a range of industries – from power companies, to automakers and health care providers, to add smart capabilities to the things we use every day. Working together, we are building a smarter planet, one thing at a time.

Adapto is an IBM Business Partner and can supply any IBM hardware, including the very latest servers, blade systems and storage, through to IBM’s innovative software and services.

At Adapto, we understand that your business faces a range of IT challenges. Rising energy costs, the need for a more reliable and flexible IT infrastructure, and the desire for a more efficient use of resources, have all contributed to organisations re-evaluating their current server technology.

The strains of outdated IT environments have left IT operations inefficient and expensive. Updating servers can enhance performance and allow your business to expand while reducing overall costs, so you can do more with fewer servers.

The IBM System x servers can help to deliver a more dynamic infrastructure to your business. By reducing operating costs, increasing performance, energy efficiency, and simplifying management, your business can manage present and future risk in challenging economic conditions. The new generation of System x servers deliver business value and reduce costs for clients through industry-leading scalability, virtualisation and management capabilities, with return on investment achievable in just 3 months.

IBM System x Benefits

  • Simplified IT infrastructure for a more stable yet flexible foundation for growth.
  • Reduced operating costs and more energy efficient operation – with lower power processors consuming up to 50% less power than their predecessors*.
  • Increased capacity for virtualisation software to dramatically improve utilisation rates and reduce software licensing costs.
  • Up to 15:1 consolidation with a 3 month ROI*.
  • Industry-leading scalability – including expandable memory, storage, network and I/O, mean you don’t need to buy new servers as you grow.
  • Easy to install and manage with open standards architecture and a single point of administration.

We know that your business can always benefit from cost savings and a more efficient IT infrastructure. By providing the tools to modernise your systems and programmes we can help to deliver the high levels of productivity and reduced IT costs needed to make an impact on the future of your IT environment.