Armoured Browser

SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite protects internet sessions while browsing any website on any browser.

  • Protect your applications from malicious activity
  • Easy to deploy & maintain
  • Eliminate browser compatibility issues
  • Overcome compliance issues regarding unmanaged PC’s
  • Enable users to use their own devices securely
  • Minimal IT resources required

Key Features

  • Cross platform, locked-down browser
  • Creation of separate user sessions
  • Creation of separate desktop sessions
  • EntryProtect anti-keylogging
  • PhishLock anti-phishing
  • DNS/host file protection
  • Encryption of browser data
  • Leave-no-trace upon closing
  • Document/Transaction signing
  • Interoperability with other authentication mechanisms
  • PKI support

Protect your web-based applications and desktops from malicious attacks

When you are delivering your corporate applications and desktops via the web, security is one of the key elements that needs to be considered. Armoured Browser is the premier browserbased solution designed for securing your web-based services. It creates numerous privilege boundaries and containerisation in order to maximise security without compromising usability.

The Armoured Browser requires no integration with back-end systems so it can be deployed quickly. It can however interact with any legacy systems (e.g. OTP/hard tokens) if desired. The application can be branded to the institution including dedicated tabs e.g. directing to the desired corporate services.

How it works

  • The user connects to the corporate website and clicks the download link for the client. The client is then installed using a 3 click process by the user
  • Once the client is installed, a short cut icon is placed on the computers desktop and the user opens the application using that icon
  • The application opens and the user proceeds with their usual login details in the secure application
  • Once the application opens, the user can use their application(s) as before and will not notice any difference


  • Allows organisations to deliver their web-based services with the knowledge that they are secure
  • Allows users, internally and remotely, to use your web services on any device securely
  • Overcomes compliancy issues regarding unmanaged PC’s as sessions are isolated
  • Isolated sessions are protected from Key Loggers, Screen Capture, Spyware, Malware, Spoofing, Phishing and Hackers