Cloud Edge Security

Secure, seamless access across physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Today, with the rise of cloud computing, we have a redefined vision of IT. Organisations are increasingly diversifying their IT infrastructure and moving from physical to a mix of physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This transformation in the datacentre is bringing new challenges in getting secure and consistent connectivity across different IT systems, cloud services, and plethora of devices. In virtualised and cloud computing environments, legacy perimeter security solutions are not fully equipped to provide seamless connectivity, critical for utilising the benefits from scalable, agile, and cost effective cloud infrastructure.

Celestix’s series of Cloud Edge Security Appliances bring the power of the Microsoft Cloud OS into your datacentre. Cloud operating systems and services are now critical, even within private datacentres. Microsoft’s Cloud OS platform tightly integrates with Celestix Cloud Edge Security Appliances. Our dedicated Cloud OS hardware and management experience extends the best of Microsoft’s battle-tested Cloud OS software, based on Windows Server 2012 R2, into a completely integrated hardware and software platform.

Celestix E Series Cloud Edge Security Appliance, based on Windows Server 2012 R2, offers dedicated hardware and management software for end-to-end management of secure access to on premise and cloud resources. This out of the box solution reduces the cost and complexity of tying together diverse connectivity options. It empowers IT administrators to handle datacentre and cloud workloads smoothly; to support employees wherever they work; and to integrate employees’ personal mobile devices into the enterprise fabric.