Data Protection Suite

SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite protects internet sessions while browsing any website on any browser.

  • Protect your environment from web based attacks
  • Protect all user inputs in to browsers
  • Data Protection Suite works with any browser
  • Requires no configuration or change in user habits
  • Protection from keylogging, phishing attacks, screen captures and Spyware
  • Easy to deploy & maintain
  • Minimal IT resources required

Protect web browsing against all fraud

SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite protects users from key logging and phishing attacks while browsing any website. This addresses Online banking fraud, card-not-present fraud as well as ID theft (such as account takeover fraud).

The solution operates on multiple layers in the operating system, protecting every keystroke entered and preventing screen captures.

Phishing protection is through updated blacklists as well as from techniques where software is trained on major brands potentially targeted by phishing attacks. This provides protection against new phishing attacks in real-time.


  • Provides protection for user inputs into all browsers.
  • The software does not rely on detecting malware – it focusses on protecting data entered by the user.
  • Protects against all potential attack vectors on a Windows operating system which spyware use to steal data (including kernel level protection, window hook protection and screen capture protection).
  • Spyware either receives no data – or false random data “fed” to it by the software.
  • Provides pro-active phishing protection – being specifically trained on the key brands that are targeted in phishing attacks.
  • It is the only solution to consistently detect a phishing site on a protected brand from the moment the attack is launched, without false positives.
  • The solution has no discernible effect on PC performance and works alongside all firewall, antivirus and other desktop security software.
  • A scrambler on the browser window shows the replacement keys and provides the user with peace of mind.
  • No configuration, maintenance or user vigilance required – the solution is simple to install and intuitive to use.
  • Optional Management Console to provide visibility in to the security profile of each endpoint and/or a community of endpoints for a group of users.

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