Maintaining constant availability of data and systems that can be trusted for decision-making purposes is a critical business goal for any organisation. Over the years, the changing threat landscape has resulted in a greater emphasis on cybersecurity, all the way up to the board level. When it comes to security incidents and data breaches, IT operations and security teams should take a holistic, coordinated approach.

Today’s business leaders require a thorough awareness of their industry’s cyberthreat landscape.

They should be asking themselves:

  • Is my company aware of the major hazards and security risks that our industry sector and ourselves face?
  • Can we detect and stop cyberattacks quickly?
  • How do we integrate cyber-risk mitigation into our overall business development strategy?

As a strongly emerging cybersecurity provider, Heimdal Security offers simple, world-class solutions for unified, intelligent cybersecurity. This guide will walk you through our suite of securitysolutions so you can make sure you have the correct protection in place. It also helps compare how different products perform, allowing you to make an educated decision.

Top Internal Security Pain Points

Heimdal Threat Prevention
DNS, HTTP and HTTPS security

Total confidence for administrators and unrestrained creativity and secure Internet browsing for all users, on-site or remote – Heimdal Threat Prevention scans your users’ traffic in real time, blocking infected domains and preventing communication to cybercriminal infrastructures with minimal system footprint.

  • Network and Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response
  • Use the world’s most advanced DNS product to Hunt advanced threats, infected users and processes
  • Anticipate tomorrow’s threats with our AI driven Neural Network Predictive DNS security
  • Network log agent included for infection tracing

Heimdal Privileges and Application Control
Privileged Access Management

Our scalable and fully automated Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, enables you to control permissions and access for your users, system processes, and accounts, covering your entire business environment.

  • Easy escalation of rights and files
  • Full control of the escalation process
  • World’s only de-escalation on threats
  • Auto-approval mode to avoid user support time
  • Mobile approval supported
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Removes 93% of Microsoft vulnerabilities
  • 0-Trust Execution Protection

Application Control

Our agentless application management solution for whitelisting and blacklisting running executables has the ability to further customize elevated sessions and log elevation events at service, executable, or process level.

  • Ability to White and Blacklist any execution
  • Easy control of access to execution of files
  • Ability to easily manage spawns of any files executed
  • World’s only Application Control that can be tied with PAM
  • Handle access by File Path, MD5, Publisher, Certificate or Software Name
  • 0-Trust Execution Protection

With Heimdal’s PAM, you can easily prove NIST AC-5 and NIST AC-1,6 compliance, giving ease of mind to your customers and partners. Combine with Application Control for app, user and process throttling or with Next-Gen Antivirus for a secondary security shield. The possibilities are endless.