Microsoft 365

If you’re feeling the pressure to maximise your Microsoft 365 investment, we can help you. In partnership with Bytes, we deliver Q365, a cloud optimisation tool designed to encourage Microsoft 365 usage, adoption, cost optimisation and efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Save 18-37% on renews with further savings possible
  • Improve ROI through user adoption, cost optimisation and licence automation
  • Minimise risk, secure JML accounts, and understand admin roles
  • AI-powered intelligence for informed decision-making
  • Accessible, custom-based reporting and dashboards
  • Understand your people through Teams Insights and usage metrics

What to Expect


Maximise your Microsoft investment by identifying and acting on cost-saving recommendations, enhancing productivity through automation and streamlining your licences all from one place.


Close lingering security gaps and make headway on your Zero Trust journey by resolving joiner/mover/leave vulnerabilities, automating governance, and securing user identities.


Wield AI-powered intelligence to make decisive and informed business decisions, tapping into cost transparency, automated insights and powerful metrics presented in clear, custom-based dashboards.