Smarter Working Solutions

When the global pandemic took hold in March 2020 and here in the United Kingdom, we went into lockdown a large percentage of office-based companies were forced to transition to remote working. It was a necessity to maintain operations.

We’re now a year on and it appears many organisations have fully embraced home working and the productivity and collaborative benefits it brings to their business and are likely to continue with it when the pandemic is over. A PwC survey of 669 CEOs revealed that 78% of them agreed that remote collaboration is here for the long-term.

Here at Adapto, we recognise the many benefits that can be achieved from remote working and offer a range of remote smarter working solutions that enable your team to collaborate and communicate effectively whatever their location:

Cloud Telephony
Cloud telephony puts the telephone network wherever the internet is, allowing staff to communicate across any number of platforms using their mobile device, PC or existing extension. It removes phone systems from the limitations of fixed-line networks and physical exchanges by placing everything on remote, secure servers in the cloud. We work with our technology partner, NFON, to bring you a cloud telephony solution that meets your precise needs and can scale as required.

Virtualised Desktop
Implementing a virtualised desktop for your remote workers not only improves security but increases efficiency, reliability, and availability. Virtual desktops provide you with a far more flexible business infrastructure that can flex to meet your changing business needs and allows you to deploy applications and desktops faster.

Virtual Mailroom Facility
With restrictions on who is allowed into the office, our virtual mailroom facility enables you to easily access and view any post by delivering it digitally to your desktop. Working with a specialist partner, we implement a mail redirect service whereby all post is stored and then scanned into a pdf then delivered securely to you.

Flexible Device Management
Our flexible device management service ensures that you are using the optimum devices for your needs. Together with our partner, we work with you to assess your current usage and needs before designing a solution tailored to your requirements. Part of the ongoing service includes device performance monitoring, one central contract that can be adjusted up or down to ensure that you have exactly the right number of devices needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Adapto Smarter Working solutions can help your organisation reduce overheads and work more effectively contact us today.