We work with our partner, NFON to bring you a Cloud-based telephony system that that allows your team to communicate across any number of platforms using their mobile device, PC, or existing extension.

Cloud telephony removes the limitations of fixed line networks and physical exchanges by placing everything on remote, secure servers in the cloud. In addition, mobile workers are easily integrated, and it frees up office space to reduce costs and average working space. With everyone on one system, staff effectiveness, collaboration and motivation are improved.

What are the benefits of Cloud Telephony to ICT Managers?

  • Cloud Telephony provides the opportunity to modernise communications using state of the art applications and takes away the limitations of fixed line PBX or ISDN systems
  • It unites existing fixed line terminals, IP phones, mobile devices, DECT phones and conference telephone facilities in a single, unified communications system.
  • All systems, software and features are hosted remotely on multiple redundant servers, cloud networks deliver another level of reliability and technical excellence. The result is a carrier-grade, enterprise-level service that enables crystal clear voice and video over a central telephone system for user groups that can number in the thousands.
  • Cloud networks are updated automatically by the provider as new functions become available alleviating the need for service interruptions which is particularly valuable if you are delivering critical services or solutions.
  • Multiple sites can be brought together on one exchange regardless of their location, allowing more efficient communication and free calls between offices in the same network.
  • Multiple can be managed sites from anywhere using a simple online control panel to add or delete extensions, enable remote and home working access or configure the hundreds of intelligent features available.
  • Microsoft Teams integration supports inter-department collaboration that improves resource utilisation and decision making
  • However dispersed users may be high levels of security are still retained. Cloud telephony systems generally use Secure Real Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for encrypted transfer of speech and data. This guarantees protection against eavesdroppers and malicious hacking and ensures public sector organisations attain a standard information resilience demanded by the regulations.
  • Cloud telephony is an extremely low CAPEX investment that offers minimal running costs and zero maintenance costs. In a CaaS (Communication as a Service) model, all hardware and software management is handled jointly by the vendor and system provider, with updates and upgrades pushed to the cloud automatically to guarantee the latest systems are available and the most current security standards in place.
  • A cloud network also offers a very smooth transition should you move office with no specialist contractors required or system decommissioning. Users simply reconnect to the existing system online at the new site using the ‘plug and play’ functionality built in to all cloud-based applications.

The NFON Cloud Telephone System
The NFON Cloud Telephone System has the flexibility to precisely meet your needs, then easily grow when required.

  • Future-proofed and flexible, the NFON Cloud Telephone System is always at the leading edge of technological advancements and scales seamlessly – making it the perfect solution for organisations of all sizes.
  • Internet connectivity delivers phone calls from anywhere with an internet connection – at work, on the move or other remote locations.
  • Same numbers and seamless migration mean organisations can keep their existing switchboard and extension numbers. The transition is seamless, with zero operational interruption.
  • Over 150 advanced features enable smarter working – Advanced functionality is included for workgroups of any size, such as mobile phone integration, telephone conferencing call control, smart queuing, call routing, multi-office connectivity and call coaching.
  • Reliability and technical excellence are ensured through NFON’s carrier-grade, enterprise-level service. It enables high-quality voice connections via a central telephone system managed by NFON, in high-availability, geo-redundant data centres.

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