Data Storage is something businesses large and small must address. From local storage within servers, through network attached, SAN based and archival storage Adapto has extensive experience in providing both advice and solutions for your storage requirements.

Our technical team has real world experience of a wide range of SAN Hardware, including those available from IBM (VDS, DS and N Series), HP (MSA, EVA and Lefthand), Dell (MD & Equalogic Ranges), EMC (Clarrion) and numerous other brands, including Promise, and Jetstor as well as software from specialist storage vendors such as Datacore.

We have expertise in designing all types of storage infrastructure. We have customers with hundreds of terabytes of data and others with just a few hundred gigabytes. Their requirements range from very high performance Solid State Disk arrays, to low cost high volume disk for backup, archive, or virtual tape library infrastructure.

If you have a storage requirement, let us know and we will help you find the right solution at the right price.