VMware View

Create a seamless desktop experience with VMware View 4.5, the industry’s leading purpose-built solution for delivering desktops as a managed service.

Transform application and desktop management into an efficient, automated process by providing a modern, flexible desktop, enabling administrators to increase control and reduce the total cost of desktop ownership by 50%. Provide end-users with a rich, consistent, high performance desktop experience and bring the power of the data centre and VMware vSphere to your desktop environment.

Just as virtualization transformed servers in the data centre, VMware View 4.5 is transforming the desktop from a device-centric to user-centric computing model.

VMware View 4.5 enables desktop admins to deliver a modern desktop by decoupling the operating system, applications and user data from the underlying PC hardware. Centralising these components in the data centre where they can be efficiently managed reduces costs and increases your business agility.

Dynamically deliver rich, consistent access to personalised desktops complete with all applications, data and settings to end-users across locations and devices.

Balance the requirements of your business with the needs of your end-users and create a seamless experience where personalised desktops follow the end-user, regardless of device or location.