According to a recent PwC survey of 669 CEOs, 78% of them agreed that remote collaboration is here to stay. There are many benefits to be achieved from working more collaboratively and it’s an initiative that the UK Government is fully behind through its Smarter Working Programme.

The aim of the Smarter Working programme is to make public sector organisations work more effectively and collaboratively and we are fully behind it. Technology will be at the heart of this acting as the enabler and ensuring that greater efficiencies and cost savings are achieved for taxpayers.

At Adapto we readily embrace this challenge and are already working with a number of organisations to deliver this programme to its greatest potential. One such smarter working solution that we have seen work with great success in the public sector is cloud telephony and here’s why:

What is cloud telephony?
A cloud telephony solution enables your staff to remain connected wherever they are located and whatever device they are on. We work with our technology partner NFON to implement its Cloudya solution and here are eight reasons why it makes perfect sense to deploy in your organisation:

  1. No more costly communication tools
    Cloudya simplifies communication using a single phone number and mailbox for every employee. That means you’re less likely to miss calls and messages and therefore increase your productivity.
  1. Flexibility whatever your location
    With traditional communications solutions employees can only be contacted at the office. Consequently, response times are longer and efficiency is reduced. With Cloudya you are connected whatever your location and device you are using.
  1. No physical infrastructure required
    Cloudya has no physical infrastructure to manage and uses simple tools to add and manage users. Thanks to VoIP technology you can also dispense of telephone lines.
  1. Easy to use
    Cloudya is super simple to use and makes your business operate, faster, better and more efficiently.
  1. Proven reliability
    NFON is a proven specialist in hosted communications solutions and continually improving the solution.
  1. Always up-to-date and low cost
    Cloudya is maintenance free so no more additional costs when you need to upgrade your telephone system.
  1. Fully accessible PBX functions
    Cloudya provides all the traditional telecommunication functionality you require from voicemail to call queuing.
  2. Improved collaboration through video conferencing
    Full virtual conferencing rooms reduces travel expenses and improves collaboration through video at the click of button.

At Adapto we are experts in supporting public sector organisations with IT infrastructure solutions. If you’re looking for a tried, trusted and innovative partner to help you deploy your smarter working solution and then look no further. Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your challenges.